Paccheri Cacio, Pepe & Sausage (Chiara, Varese)

Directly from Rome, Italy’s capitol city and heart, the Cacio e Pepe is one of the most known and appreciated pasta recipes from everyone.
Credits to Giallo Zafferano.


  • Paccheri – 320g
  • Grated Pecorino Romano cheese – 60g
  • Red Onions – 90g
  • Red Wine – 30g
  • Sausage – 150g
  • Grated Parmesan cheese – 40g
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 20g
  • Black Pepper – A/R


  1. To prepare the Paccheri Cacio, Pepe and Sausage, clean and chop the onion. Heat in a pan a little oil and brown the onion. Take the sausage and remove the casing.
  2.  Cut the sausage into small pieces and pour into a pan. When it is well browned, after about 10 minutes, blend with red wine and let it evaporate.
  3. Boil the paccheri in plenty of salted water to boil, they will be school al dente. The cooking time is about 16 minutes, but check the directions on the package. Add the grated cheeses finely in a bowl,pour a small amount of cooking water
  4. Grate a generous dose of black pepper, stir with a spatula until you get a compact consistency, not too crumbly but not even and creamy. Drain the paccheri in the pan with the sausage and onion, add the cheese mixture
  5. Stir and sauté the paccheri in a pan with a little cooking water at a time to melt everything and become a cream cheese and pepper. Be careful not to pour too much water that would curdle the mixture. Serve the paccheri cheese and pepper with hot sausage

Serves 4 people.

Posted by: Chiara Bonucci / Sales / Varese, Italy

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